We Interrupt Your Mountain Hiking Adventure Posts for an Exciting Announcement – Utah Adventure to Come!

I need to gush for a moment! On Friday, April 20 (after 26 years on this planet) this lady is going out west for the first time to Utah with Anton (previously featured in Mt. Osceola post). We will be out there for a full week! Also, let me just add that this is my first real vacation in almost three years. Also, we’re visiting Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and another TBD destination…and camping there. That would be a bucket list item my friends. Mere minutes ago we booked our flights.

I could actually write about how excited I am all night, but I won’t because that doesn’t make for a good read. This is a short, but meaningful blog post to give you all a heads up about the amazing posts to come in April!

My next White Mountain adventure will be this Saturday so expect a fun filled, adventurous post on Sunday night/Monday morning! Thank you for reading as always.