Hiking Hiatus and Planning

For the next couple weeks there will be no hikes. This weekend life interferes and will prevent me from getting out there, next weekend I will ski. Skiing is another great outdoor passion of mine. I went a long time without skiing so this year again I am attempting to make up for lost time as long as the snow holds. It hasn’t really done that here or further north, but I remain hopeful! Winter is far from over.

As a result of this I got thinking. I know what you’re thinking mom, “oh god, she’s thinking again…” You will be pleased to know that I have been meticulously planning out my hikes for my remaining 45 climbs. Not planning as in, I am doing this mountain on this exact day, but planning how it will be accomplished. I have been going about this challenge in the wrong way by not planning out my routes. Now that I have planned my routes I can better approach these climbs. I still need to be flexible for mother nature, but now I can easily find a backup hike if needed. Here’s my plan:

The Presidential Traverse: 10 mountains – Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Clay, Washington, Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower, Pierce, Jackson. 23 miles, this is doable in two days time. I can either bring a backpacking tent and camp or stay in a hut. Lake of the Clouds hut would serve as a halfway point. Ideally I’ll do this in the late spring or just after labor day.

The Willey Range Trail: Another peak bag, three mountain this time. Willey, Field, and Tom. One day, roundtrip 11.3 miles. It will be a long day, but a rewarding one. A great summertime hike. This is part of the Appalachian Trail. Completed 3/3/18 with Anton Pugachevsky.

The Hancock Loop Trail: Mt. Hancock and South Hancock. Did this one on December 29, 2017 and now we’re looking to do this again. It could be a great summer hike or spring hike, but wouldn’t mind it during the winter once again. 9.4 miles roundtrip, a fairly easy day. Reserved for Easter Sunday with my family.

The Passaconway Loop: Mt. Passaconway and Mt. Whiteface. 9.1 miles roundtrip. I need to do more research on which season this one should be in.

The Pemi Loop: Three full hiking days in the Pemigewasset Wilderness. I cannot stress how pumped I am for this one. Taking this one on in early May seems wise to avoid the crowds as it a very popular hike. It’s been said that people have done this in 7 hours, I’m not that crazy and not in that incredible of shape, nor will I be by May. This is true backpacking, no huts allowed! Heading up on a Friday night I will hike a couple miles in, make camp (Franconia Brook), and get a good night’s sleep. Day One: Heading up the Osseo trail bright and early I hope to get to the summit of Flume for sunrise. What better way to start a trip? Then continue on to do the entire Franconia Ridge trail (Liberty, Lincoln, and Lafayette) and finally onto Garfield and overnight at the Garfield Ridge campsite. This will be a long, hard day which is why I wanted to make it the first day of the trip. Day Two: Galehead, South Twin, West Bond, Mt. Bond, and Bondcliff then back to the parking lot at Lincoln Woods Visitor’s Center! I’m going to sleep very well for the following week. Eleven mountains.

Zealand: A long but beautiful day. I climbed this one ages ago and look forward to doing so again. 11 miles roundtrip! Potential pemi loop add on.

North Twin: This could be a pemi loop add on but it is also a lovely day hike which I would like to do separately. 8.6 miles roundtrip.

Mount Hale: Saving this for a day when I just want a little trip up a mountain. Only 4.6 miles roundtrip!

Owl’s Head: Yeah, maybe I could tack this onto my Pemi loop, but I highly doubt I will have the energy. This is 17.6 miles round trip, Owl’s Head is remote. This is another case where I will probably have to camp at Franconia Brook the night before, wake up wicked early and get my butt up that mountain. Very careful planning surrounds this hike. Perhaps a hike for the summer solstice?

The Carters and Wildcat: Another backpacking trip! I am so excited! Day One: The Imp trail to Middle Carter, South Carter, and Carter Dome then down to the Carter Notch Hut for the night (9.5 miles). Day Two is a half day at best: All Wildcat peaks from A-E will be completed, though the only two that count are A and D. Five miles in total, very easy. The only trouble is getting back to my car which was left miles up the road. Does Uber exist in the White Mountains? If not then I may be walking a good 8 miles. This is why I am leaving two days.

Tripyramids: This is not going to be an easy day according to a friend. Depending on how I attack this we are looking at 10-12 miles, but it will be steep! Middle and North Tripyramid.

Waumbek: An easy-peasy 7.2 mile day. Or is it easy? I am not looking at a topographical map at the moment. Those maps are on order. It could be tough!

Cabot: There is a lovely loop trail. I could go up and come down the same way, but that’s no fun! We’re looking at 11 miles so a very long day, but I have no doubt it will be rewarding.

Tecumseh: This one is reserved especially for my beloved Girl Scout Troop! An easy five mile day.

Moriah: A 9 mile day hike up and down the the Carter Moriah Trail. Completed 2/11/18 with Paul Yourik.

Canon (Profile): A steep 4 mile round trip hike.

Isolation: It lives up to its name! Mt. Isolation will be a 12 mile day. Certainly one of my longer days, but I am excited as I’ve never heard of this mountain before.

Kinsmans: A nice loop trail which I am excited to explore. Another 12 mile day! North and South Kinsman.

Carrigain: The view from the photos looks spectacular! We’re looking at a 10 mile day on this one!

I also want to do my first White Mountain hike that I did as a child, Tuckerman’s Ravine. If time doesn’t allow that’s okay, this is purely for nostalgia.

And there you have it. The entire 48 in only 17 more trips, a total of 19 trips (not counting the nostalgia hike). Is this a guarantee? No, I may have to bail and make more trips, but this is my goal which I will work hard to aim for. Bailing occurs when myself and/or my hiking friend are in any danger. If I have to bail then that is okay, the mountains aren’t going anywhere. I feel confident and ready to take on the remainder of this challenge. Who wants to hike with me?

Completed hikes:

Osceola and Osceola, East Peak: Completed 1/22/18 with Anton Pugachevsky

Mousilauke: Completed 1/15/18 with Joe Pierog